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How far can your $200 a month savings really go with Life-Benefits?

Our advisors can customize monthly payments to fit your budget, but here's a hypothetical example of what a Life-Benefits insurance policy can do for your child. With payments of $200 a month, you could provide for college, a down payment on a home and a tax-free retirement. 


First - Save $200 a Month

Participants save $200 a month for 20 years. 


Then - Get $50k for College Expenses

In their 20s, your child access $50K to use for college expenses. This can cover anything from tuition to books and living expenses. 


Then - Get $50k for a Down Payment

In their 30s, your child can access an additional $50k for expenses like a down payment on a home.


Finally - Get $82k Annual Tax-Free Income

In their 60s, when they're ready to retire, the Life-Benefits account, still thriving, can allow for an annual tax-free income stream of up to $82k for life. 

For annual installments of approximately $2,400 for 20 years, your child may receive millions* of tax-free dollars over their lifetime, thanks to the compounding effect of the cash value inside the policy. With similar monthly costs as traditional college saving alternatives, it’s clear to see that the Life-Benefits account can provide far beyond college. 


Learn how Life-Benefits compares side-by-side to Florida Prepaid options.

All examples are hypothetical.
Actual results may vary. Guarantees are backed by the claims paying ability of the life insurer best selected at time of plan commencement.
*"Millions" assumes annual income streat at retirement of 20 years starting at age 67.